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The 100 Jury


  • Diploma films, rather than debut films.

  • No more than one film per graduate. (with the exception of Talya Lavie's Sliding Flora and The Substitute)

  • Adhering to our guidelines regarding length - 15-20 minutes, omitting longer films and documentaries.
    (With the exceptions of Anthem and The Mute's House)

  • The basis were previous school DVDs (2004, 2009) with additional internationally award-winning films.

  • 34 films were discussed for the 25 final places. 16 were restored. (Negatives for Sea Horses and video master of Road were not found)

  • In 2019, the pedagogical committee convened to rank 9 additional films (2015-2019) out of which 5 were selected to reach our goal of 30 films, marking 30 years of the school.

The 100 Jury List

CILECT Film School Directors

World film critics

and Israeli film scholars

Additional Jury

JSFS Pedagogic Committee

Comparative Jury Voting

CILECT School Directors

World film critics

and Israeli film scholars

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